From the 1st of April 2017 MobiData is becoming part of our main brand Globalgig

The only thing changing is the name + colours.


We will still be offering the same low-cost data service across the UK.


If you would like to order a Free SIM please visit the Globalgig Website.





If you are looking to activate your MobiData SIM card you can no longer do this.


You will need to order a new SIM from Globalgig.



MobiData to Globalgig FAQs


Who is Globalgig?

Globalgig is MobiData’s sister brand and specialising in providing domestic and international mobile broadband services.


When are the two brands merging?

MobiData is becoming part of Globalgig in April 2017


What happens to my MobiData plan?

Your MobiData plan will stay exactly as it is, however all communications about your service will now come from Globalgig.


Can I still activate a MobiData SIM card?

You will still be able to activate a MobiData SIM card on a MobiData plan until 06.04.17


What benefits do I get from being part of Globalgig?


My Account

As a Globalgig customer you have access to My Account which allows you to keep track of your account online 24/7. With My Account you can:

  • Track your monthly data usage
  • Update your payment details
  • Amend your personal details


To access My Account, follow the link on the Globalgig site, enter your registered email address and click the Forgotten Password to reset your password if you can no longer remember it.


International SIM cards and data

Globalgig’s network spans across 100+ destinations. So if you’re looking for a global mobile data solution, order an international data SIM card and service plan directly from Globalgig.


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